Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GPS performance on E72

I was THOROUGHLY impressed with the performance of the GPS lock on the E72!! Getting a steady signal happened almost instantly just as I had remembered on the E71 in years past, making Samsung look like an utter joke with its recent trouble. Once the E72 found a lock, it remained solid and did not experience any severe distortion. Another thing I noticed was that this E72 had come bundled with a car dock!! After being informed by a Twitter follower and then verifying on the NokiaUSA site, it turned out I had the Drivers Edition of the E72.

Ovi Maps worked great as an alternative to Google Maps, but another app that caught me by surprise was the all-new Sports Tracker offered with a revamped online interface. Having that E-Series phone as a running companion to track my route was so much better than the faulty nightmare I took on with my Captivate. GPS data closely matched my iPod Nike+ results, and not once did I feel the need to check its progress while it was in my pocket. Just when I thought the magic was over, I then got a chance to see the Sports Tracker site on the web! The older version during my ownership of the E71 was not bad, it just did not measure up to Nike+. All of that had certainly changed, and I was convinced that Nike+ finally met its match. I even concluded that Sports Tracker surpasses Nike+ due to its native support of accurate GPS tracking. Setting up an account online could be as convenient as using my current Facebook profile, and sharing results on social networks like Twitter was possible as well. The site was intuitive and did not seem to suffer from graphical overkill in the eye candy department like Nike+, which made for a smoother web experience. I was really tormented at that point, for I wished I could swap GPS modules between the E72 and Captivate! Honestly, the Sports Tracker experience was almost enough motivation to sell off the Samsung to keep the Nokia. The fact that a flawed GPS was allowed to slip through the fingers of Samsung was inexcusable and infuriating! If the E7 with its new touch Symbian S^3, sliding qwerty, and 4inch screen can have Exchange and similar GPS performance, I would definitely consider leaving the Captivate.

Trent Smith
Sent from my Nokia E72

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