Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nokia E7 Unboxing from WomWorld Nokia

Words could never express my gratitude to WomWorld for giving me an opportunity to finally review the Nokia E7! After so many months of delays, I now am sitting here with a SILVER unit that practically matches my own MacBook Aluminum. While I typically go crazy for any mobile tech unboxing I encounter, there is a special reason for me to be even more so at this point. WomWorld Nokia actually put forth the effort to send me an E7 review unit with a package sleeve signed by CEO Stephen Elop AND printed with a phone image depicting my online name, website, and previous quote made about the E7!! How amazing is that?! To make things even better, I have also been invited by WomWorld Nokia to attend the upcoming CTIA Wireless event in Orlando, Florida!

I am not sure if this is day two or three, but I am working to complete my official YouTube unboxing video as I continue to spend time with this device and record findings via QuickOffice. So far, my impressions are very positive for the build quality of the E7 being extremely solid with its sliding qwerty mechanism and metallic body. I cannot help but be reminded of the legendary E90 every time I use Symbian on this phone, and it is indeed a great feeling! As much as I tend to be partial to Android and my latest Atrix phone, the E7 easily beats it in terms of hardware craftsmanship and video playback capabilities thus far. Being back with an onboard keyboard versus a separate laptop dock does indeed remind me of the joy I get from being able to write on-the-go at a moments notice! Speaking of writing, the E7 keyboard is very sufficient for speedy thumb typing. There is a right amount of balance between a soft key press and clicky sensation that grant adequate feedback for me. Instead of the E90, I am reminded of the HTC Touch Pro 2 as I type this blogpost right now.

The only challenge that still manages to irritate me since the E5 is the fixed focus camera. I shall elaborate more on that in my upcoming review, and hope that between now and then I can get used to being without autofocus.

With all that said, I am looking forward to taking on other apps such as Ovi Maps Navigation and Sports Tracker as my duration of this WomWorld review period continues! Thanks again to WomWorld Nokia for this amazing opportunity, for I almost thought it would never come.

In the meantime, all of you take care and stay safe!

Trent Smith, blogger
Sent from my Nokia E7

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