Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nexus 4 Honeymoon: is it over?

In lieu of my HTC One curiosity being piqued, I'm now trying to appreciate the overall simplicity from the Nexus 4 design. In comparison to the One, it doesn't seem to show off many bells and whistles, but there's something to be said about the allure of holding a Google phone... not to mention a version that's been a HUGE improvement to previous generations. Its soft touch plastic and glass may not appear to trump the look and feel of aluminum carved and etched in all the right places, but there are moments when its smoothness and keyless front face exude a certain sexy appeal. Yes, this rambling may indeed be the product of nostalgia from a former Nexus One user. :-)

It almost feels like I'm the owner of a reliable, adequately stocked Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg trying to not get too tempted by a more upscale Audi A4. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't torn between having the Nexus 4, wanting the One, and even missing the S3 (to a certain extent). Maybe if I just take a breath, slow down, and wrap my head around the fact that it's just a smartphone that surely proves to be sufficient thus far in spite of my nitpicking, I can learn to appreciate Google's offering. Hmmmm.

There's also the constant draw of exclusivity as a Nexus user, for to me, the Nexus line does stand apart from other Androids due to its blessing from Google. When I hold the Nexus 4, I can almost get that same feeling I used to have with the likes of the Nokia E90, E7, N9 or N900. Honestly, this is a silly notion considering ANYBODY can get their hands on one, but oh well. I have wondered if I'm better off going back to Symbian, but then I'd be relinquishing the benefits of Google's services. End of tech crazed rant. Back to sleep I go.

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