Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: SPOILER ALERT!

Reflecting on Star Trek Into Darkness: I REALLY liked it! I was completely awestruck by Leonard Nimoy's appearance and the music on the ending credits was a thrilling close!

I loved Kahn's role and the background story of a genetically superior race gone rouge! I actually found myself being enticed as well as repulsed by the FIERCE conviction of his performance. The casting was perfect in the sense that even I wanted to join forces with him when faced with his piercing gaze and astute nature. Strangely, I found the skull crushing scene to be absolutely impressive and BADASS as well as terrifying. Well done!

Funny, I never saw the previous film, but I did find Karl Urban's lines to be lacking. Seeing Zoe Saldana is ALWAYS a joy, and the touching bond between Pine and Quinto's roles was a tear-jerker toward the end. I was especially drawn to how Quinto masterfully conveyed the complex struggle of processing his own emotions against his Vulcan nature. Simon Pegg's quirky portrayal of Scott provided a refreshing balance of comic relief that only further endeared me to him during serious scenes.

I nearly jumped out of my seat when the Enterprise dipped below the clouds only to suddenly rise again into view. WOOOOT!!!!

In so many words...I love Kahn. LOL Seriously, this film was definitely a treat that I wouldn't mind seeing again. However, I do find it frustrating to realize that the end credits music isn't available on the soundtrack! TRAVESTY!

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