Wednesday, October 2, 2013

iPhone 4S, So Far

Portability + solid build + Siri + iOS 7 = 4S nerdgasm honeymoon. What I appreciate so far is that this phone feels like a premium, intuitive accessory to enhance daily life. Even S3 feels huge now! 

True, there's no large screen or additional UI customization methods, but it remains sufficient. The scary part is that iOS Google apps are acceptable enough to where I am not terribly missing Android as bad as I expected...and I could be open to selling my S3.

With 64GB, I'm more excited to have my entire iTunes audio library with me instead of a few HD videos. For that, I'm fine with Netflix or even hauling my 15inch MacBook Pro for tethering. 

Even though I'm open to trying the Moto X for it's accommodating form factor, I worry about Google Now functions in comparison to Siri. From past experience with that in addition to S Voice, Siri simply feels more "human" and overwhelmingly intuitive...especially when combined with the smooth look and performance of iOS. 

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stephenquin58 said...

Nice to see you blogging again Trent, not an Apple or iPhone fan, but you put your point well, wish you could find more time to do the odd video again :)